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Phantom Rider Choppers is an APPROVED Dynojet® Tuning Center and an Authorized Power Commander® Dealer.

Why you need a Power Commander?

dyno-jet400The Power Commander is not magic; it gives the user the ability to change the fuel (and ignition on some models) at given throttle positions vs. given RPM’s.

On a completely stock bike the fuel curve is usually fine at 100% throttle, however at the lower throttle openings the fuel curve is usually lean. Installing a properly mapped Power Commander on a bike like this would make no improvement at 100% throttle, therefore no peak horsepower gain. However in the lower throttle openings where fuel curve was lean, the bike will run smoother, cooler, and have better throttle response providing a more confident ride. If you did before and after throttle roll-ons, for example 20%, you might see a 30% increase in power.

If a stock bike has any modifications, it needs a Power Commander. The more the modifications change the shape of the air curve the more the improvement you will get from the Power Commander, which is why most exhaust manufacturers recommend it.

If you change the air flow of a carbureted bike for different pipes, air-box, cams, etc, you would need to change the jetting. With a fuel injected bike, you must adjust the fuel curve electronically, and that’s where the Power Commander comes in. with a Power Commander equipped EFI bike, you have more control over the fuel curve that with carburetion. For example, you can improve deceleration popping without affecting idle; which you cannot do with carburetion.


  • A Power Commander will improve your Horsepower, Throttle Response, and Rideability.
  • It will reduce the running temperatures and pinging, and can help prevent pipe bluing.
  • You can continue to add performance accessories of any type and simply install a new map to tune the motorcycle.

We have the ONLY Tuning Link software in the greater San Antonio area.

The importance of the Tuning Link is that it is fool proof without guess work, error or flaws. The Tuning Link Software interfaces the Power Commander with a Dynojet® Load Control Dynamometer controlling both the Dynometer and the Power Commander at the same time. By utilizing the Dynojet® “Real Time” air/fuel ratio monitoring equipment and the latest load control dynamometer technology, Tuning Link monitors the current air/fuel ratio. At the same time, Tuning Link automatically calculates the correct fuel adjustment to achieve the user desired air/fuel ratio. Once calculated, Tuning Link uploads these new fuel values to the Power Commander and saves a copy of the file. Tuning Link has the ability to map fuel curves in both “static” and “dynamic” modes. This assures that the generated fuel curves are correct for both steady state cruising as well as aggressive on/off throttle movements. This technology allows the dyno operator to accurately optimize the motorcycle in a very short time, regardless of the motorcycle’s modifications.

Phantom Rider Choppers welcomes ALL brands of Domestic and Metric motorcycles to utilize the Dynojet® and the Power Commander Tuning Link. Visit our Dynojet® Diagnostic Center today to get the most from your ride!

We install the Power Commander Unit on Harley-Davidson only. All others must have the PC Unit installed elsewhere.



Base Line Dyno Run – 3 pulls $75.00
Custom Tuning Link Map (PC already installed) $275.00 – Harley
$325.00 All Others
Power Commander Package
Base Line 3 pull Dyno Run
PC with installation
Custom Tuning Link Map
Finished 3 pull Dyno Run


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